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Online Advertising
Online Advertising Services is a dynamic advertising website that seamlessly elevates businesses in the digital realm. Crafted with precision and powered by cutting-edge technologies such as HTML, TailwindCSS, Next.js, and Strapi CMS, our platform boasts high performance, clean code, and robust security measures.

Location: Afghanistan

Industry: Online Advertising

Bonyad Andisha: A non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing critical thinking and intellectual growth within Afghan communities globally. Our diverse programs cover education, research, and support for political and cultural activities.

Location: Afghanistan

Industry: Education, Research, Politic and Culture

BharatDarshan is a social services mobile app that offers a range of functionalities such as watching videos, live events, puja section, video section, booking flights, hotels and buses. Users can easily book their travel tickets through the app and also make hotel reservations

Location: India

Industry: Social Service Platform

Enlightened Hire, the premier platform connecting salon, spa, and barber professionals with their ideal opportunities. the platform showcases the highest quality and standards, designed and developed by the Tutia Tech professional team using cutting-edge technologies such as HTML, TailwindCSS, React.js, Next.js, Redux toolkit, and Strapi CMS based on Node.js. Our innovative approach and seamless user experience redefine the service industry, providing tailored connections and unparalleled efficiency. it is the resulting work of top-tier design and development expertise.

Location: USA


Gowharshad Media
Gowharshad Media – your dynamic source for timely and comprehensive news coverage in Afghanistan and beyond. As an active news media platform, we deliver the latest national and international updates through our Website, Radio, and social media channels.

Location: Afghanistan

Industry: News Media and Radio Online

Herat Exchange Union
Herat Exchange Union – your trusted hub for managing private currency transfers and exchanges in the Herat province. As an Afghan non-profit organization, it is dedicated to managing and facilitating financial transactions.

Location: Afghanistan

Industry: NGO and Money Transfer Management

Afg Currency Rate App
Afg Exchange Rate App – your ultimate mobile tool for real-time currency exchange rates in the dynamic Afghanistan market. This user-friendly app features global currency rates categorized as momentary, daily, VIP, and Gold, along with a handy currency converter.

Location: Afghanistan

Industry: Finance

Tutia Tech
Tutia Tech Company – your go-to partner for turning ideas into reality. We're a full-service software development, branding, and digital marketing agency with a proven track record of success. Our expert team offers a range of services, including web design, mobile app development, SEO, graphic design, UI/UX design, e-commerce development, domain registration, and web hosting.

Location: Afghanistan

Industry: Technology & Software

Alpha Services
Alpha Services is a platform that provides an outstanding software and hardware selling environment for different industries! we designed and developed using HTML, TailwindCSS, React.js, Next.js, Strapi CMS, and Restful API...



Afghan Exchange Rates
The Afghan Exchange Rate platform is your go-to source for precise currency exchange rates, gold prices, and related updated news in Afghanistan and global markets. Stay informed on market fluctuations effortlessly with data from reliable national and international sources.



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Super Saffron
Super Saffron is a leading saffron provider company based in Afghanistan, catering to customers in Afghanistan and across the globe. To enhance the company's success, we designed and developed an Ecommerce website, providing a seamless online shopping experience for saffron enthusiasts worldwide.

Location: AF

Industry: Ecommerce & public business

Salonspa Connection
The SolanSpa Connection platform is your all-in-one solution for buying and selling Solan spas and other businesses in the industry in the USA. Seamlessly connecting sellers to buyers, owners to professionals, and schools to students, this platform revolutionizes the way business transactions are made.

Location: Kansas, USA

Industry: Salon Spa Business

Unweltify Mobile App
An Android application created to monitor power consumption during battery charging aims to prevent the waste of electricity and electronic battery materials in the world.

Location: Canada

Industry: Electronic & Technology

Rasad Mobile App
Rasad Mobile Application is a cutting-edge solution tailored for tracking a company's goods distribution vehicles and marketers in real time. Empowering marketers to effortlessly add customers, orders, quotes, and many more, this app streamlines operations and enhances productivity.

Location: Afghanistan

Industry: Industry & Marketing